Our family was faced with a medical emergency a few years ago Our Mother had a major stroke and when we
arrived at the hospital these were the questions that were asked.

Who’s the (POA)…Power of Attorney? I said, “I am”. Does she have a DNR? Do Not Resuscitate? What medications is she on

When those questions were thrown at me I was in a state of confusion and chaos, not knowing if my mother was going to make
it or not. My stress level was through the roof.

I wasn’t sure about DNR we never really talked about it. I did remember Mom saying that she never wanted to be kept alive by a machine, but there was nothing in writing.

Are You Prepared? Do You Have Everything Written Down? Do you have this information saved somewhere?

  • copy of your birth certificate
  • copy of your (SIN) Social Insurance Number.
  • Bank Accounts or life insurance and contacts for those accounts
  • Lawyer’s name and phone numbers
  • Your Doctor’s name and number
  • A list of your friends to contact and phone numbers to let them know of your passing or

Just a few things you may not have considered